An ‘entrepreneur for entrepreneurs.’

A passion for entrepreneurship and it’s resulting flourishing of people and communities has given me a vision for helping businesses thrive both at home in Eastern Iowa and abroad in the place where my heart is at home – Ethiopia.

Entrepreneurship starts with a passion but it continues and thrives with intelligent, agile marketing and business decisions.

Although you will have access to solid media while working with me, you won’t find a traditional marketing company here!


Here’s what I do:

  • Make media projects quick and painless.
  • Help increase marketing project effectiveness through cohesive planning.
  • Speak your language… I am a ‘get-it-done’ type of person.
  • Quality and efficiency are values I hold. I pay attention to the details.

A complete list of services in PDF form can be found here. Please contact for pricing.


Pricing the type of service I provide is difficult as it’s very different from what is out there. You won’t find what I have to offer in a traditional marketing company nor through the traditional vendor options.

I’m more concerned with the impact our work together has on your business than on what I’ll be getting paid to provide that work. That said, not only do I value your time but I also value mine and working together should be profitable to both of us in order to achieve our individual financial goals.

I charge a per hour business consulting fee (first hour is free) for those who don’t want a full-service marketing agency but rather marketing and business consulting. You’ll leave with a plan in place of specific steps to take to increase your marketing impact.

Branding Photography which is done in-house and includes commercial usage rights. I am willing to transfer over complete ownership of image rights and can price accordingly.

Social and traditional media projects are custom quoted.

I provide project management for videography and graphic arts projects as these can quickly become incohesive with the general marketing and business plans unless carefully controlled. These are also custom quoted and billed directly through me as sub-contractors.

Website development is either done in-house or through sub-contractors depending on the needs of your business.


Sarah Banowetz

I’m an ‘entrepreneur for entrepreneurs’. I care deeply about human flourishing and see how entrepreneurship helps families and communities.

Personally, I’ve been married to my husband Matt for over sixteen years and we have six beautiful children – four sweet biological children and two amazing teens from Ethiopia. It was because of my close connections and regular travels to Ethiopia that we had the opportunity to expand our family and serve the country where my heart is also at home.



I am an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs.  My job is to make your’s easier and your marketing more effective. Contact me today to get started!

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(319) 350-4066

Monday—Friday: 9:00AM–5:00PM